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Romance and Relaxation NH

Posted on: March 23rd, 2012 by

Relaxation, Wellbeing, WellnessAltrusim – To be more concerned for the welfare of others than self!  My husband, Gary, would tell you that I am altruistic to a fault.  I am an Innkeeper, that’s my job.  I am a Mom and a Grand Mom, that’s my job… to put others before myself.  As a fundamental property of human nature, it is also why it is so difficult to get women, with or without their significant others, to do something that is good for “them”.  I Struggle with the fact that women really do want to participate in fun, educational, personal growth activities and they want to share their experiences in life, but NOT at the expense of others, family, boss, ect.

This virtue, Altruism, makes it hard to commit to doing something for ourselves, I know, I am my own worst enemy!  To that end, our Romantic Escapes and Wellness Weekends at the Snowflake Inn are very affordable, flexible, and hopefully, too good to resist!  Experience Spring in the White Mountains of New Hampshire… Do it for yourself, you will come away with a new energy, a new love for self and a lift in spirit to enable you to go home and practice a Healthier Altruism!